Model #3 Neptune Dyna-Pumps®

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Model #3     Neptune Dyna-Pump (standard) 115 volt, 60 cycle
Model #3     Neptune Dyna-Pump with standard motor and 3 wire cord & plug
Model #3     Neptune Dyna-Pump with a special 220 volt, 50/60 cycle motor
Model #3     Neptune Dyna-Pump with a special AC/DC motor, 3000 RPM
Model #3     Neptune Dyna-Pump with a special 12 volt D.C. motor; ball bearing
Model #3     Neptune Dyna-Pump with STAINLESS STEEL PUMP CHAMBER
Model #3     Neptune Dyna-Pump with feed thru on-off switch installed 12?
                                                 from motor on power cord
Model #3     Neptune Dyna-Pump with rubber discs ¼? thick; attached to the four corners of pump base
                                                  in order to decrease vibration
Model #3     Neptune Dyna-Pump with complete ¾? thick rubber pad attached to base of pump, for
                                                 greater noise and vibration reduction
Model #3     Neptune Dyna-Pump with air filter that will remove dirt, dust, sediment, oil vapor and
                                                 harmful matter from the air before entering the pump
Model #3     Neptune Dyna-Pump with four mounting holes drilled in each corner of the pump base
                                                  to your specifications
Model #3     Neptune Dyna-Pump with four mounting holes drilled and TAPPED in each corner
                                                  of the pump base to your specifications

Replacement & Spare parts for the Model #3 Neptune Dyna-Pump® 

Part #          Item                                                                                                                            
                    Repair of Model #3
300              Standard motor for Model #3
300A            Motor for Model #3 with 3 wire cord and plug
301              Pump cover for Model #3
302              Motor bracket for Model #3
303              Bottom pump assembly with diaphragm & eccentric for Model #3
304              Complete pump without motor (Model #3)
305              Eccentric with bearing for Model #3
306              Neoprene diaphragm
307              Neoprene valve
308              Brass coarse screen
309              Brass fine screen
310              Teflon ring
311              Flush plug
312              Hose connector to fit a 3/16? rubber hose (standard)
313              Motor bracket cap nut
314              Motor bearing for Model #3
315              Stainless steel pump assembly for Model #3 with diaphragm & eccentric
316              Complete stainless steel pump without motor (Model #3)
317              Stainless steel coarse screen
318              Stainless steel fine screen
319              Stainless steel flush plug
320              Aluminum coarse screen
321              Aluminum fine screen
322              Hose connector to fit ¼? rubber hose
323              Air filter
324              Element for air filter
325              Repair kit
326              Flexible PVC tubing ID 3/16, OD 5/16, WALL 1/16 per foot

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